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Is investing in wine a good investment?

Good wine is an investment instrument such as shares, art or stocks. You are going to speculate on the future for the increase in value of your investment. With wine you should also resist the temptation to drink it yourself, unless of course, you want to invest in wine just for your own pleasure.

From wine cellar to vineyard

You can invest in wine at different levels. On the smallest scale, you can purchase a few bottles as a wine lover or build up a modest cellar over the years with perhaps a combination of your investment bottles with those for your own consumption. This of course means that you need to have a knowledge of the product, or together with your cellar, steadily build up your collection. The proverbial "turning your hobby into your profession" can then be gradually built up or bought from your own vineyard (with or without accompanying chateau or a fancy name).

Prefer some assistance?

If you prefer something a little less intense, then you can always rely on a professional to assist you in word and deed. In that case, you can instruct a wine merchant to invest for you, although, of course at a fee (a margin of between 15% to 20% is not uncommon). This strategy remains interesting because traders can often buy larger lots if they have multiple clients; thus keeping the price competitive. Also in this way (cheap), you stand a small chance of getting hold of a unique bottle of wine. If at a later stage you want to convert your liquid investment back to cash, then a wine merchant is also a great channel for achieving this with a few transactions.

Cash rather than grapes?

Want to see your wine collection as a way to diversify your portfolio rather than just a passion? Then a wine fund would probably be the better option for you. It is a purely financial product; the asset manager buys and sells wines that you never see and at the end of the term, you will get the result of his insight into your account. It is not a vineyard, but perhaps a way that pays him more easily.