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Vinum S

About Us

What can Vinum S do for you?

As a visitor on this website you have the opportunity to purchase wines, champagnes and spirits which you can't find in average stores. They're all a little bit more special and exclusive. 

Our range of superb beverages is perfectly suited for people who are looking for something different, something unique.

For restaurants, collectors, investors and bon vivants

The target group of Vinum S is very broad. We work with sommeliers from restaurants all over the world to expand their range of exclusive wines, spirits and champagne.

As a collector or investor, you’ll also be pleased with our range of products. A unique bottle is an investment such as shares, art or commodities. After all, you are speculating on the future value increase of your investment.

With unique drinks, you must be able to resist the temptation to drink them yourself. Unless you buy them for the pleasure of yourself and your loved ones, of course. Then our advice is: sit back and enjoy flavors that you have never tasted before.

How did Vinum S come about?

Vinum S originated from a passion for wine, champagnes and spirits. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. We now offer that expertise via our website and range of products.

Discover our offer!

Feel free to discover our wide selection of exclusive wines, champagnes and spirits which you can't find in ordinary shops. In our webshop, you’ll find all products from the Vinum S range. You can make a selection by category, bottle volume, country, color and year.


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Satisfied Customers

“I regularly order from Vinum S. My most recent order was a case of exclusive wine. Their service was super professional, as always.”

- Sebastian Agnello - 
"Not only does Vinum S provide a perfect service, but their range is also very diverse and exclusive."

- Michael Raffetny -
“I could not resist the unique bottles from Vinum S. The website offers the exclusivity and quality I was looking for. We received the wines on the agreed day and in perfect condition."

- Fabio Cattaneo - 

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